Music is not about pointing out different elements. Music, a work of music is about integrating all the elements. If you are able to say: "this is a very rhythmical, this is a very emotional part, this is a very technical part, this is a very athmospheric part", you are not making music. You are only may be producing some, could be also very interesting and very beautiful sounds.


The difference between just sound and music is, when you make music, everything has to be integrated. And that you are not able to detect the different elements. As you must always think in music. Music is about integration. This is, why it is such a sad fact that there is no music education in the school.

Daniel Barenboim





Gauguin hat gesagt: "Um etwas Neues zu tun, müssen wir zum Ursprung zurück, zur Kindheit der Menschheit".

Weynfeldts wichtigstes Gauguin-Zitat lautete anders: "Kunst ist entweder Plagiat oder Revolution".

aus: Martin Suter, Der letzte Weynfeldt,

Zürich 2008, Diogenes.